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ePCR Suite

Built on next generation web technologies, the ESO Software Suite delivers powerful reporting capabilities, unmatched quality management features, and clinical and operation tools to save you time and improve the quality and accuracy of your patient documentation.
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ESO ePCR is designed with you in mind. Its flexible workflow, sleek, modern design and user-friendly features make it the choice for providers and administrators alike.

Quality Management

ESO’s industry-leading Quality Management (QM) application enables administrators to manage their operation like never before, allowing them to oversee operational, clinical and financial processes in parallel from one easy-to-use application.


QuickSpeak is a translation tool that enables EMS providers in the field to communicate with non-English speaking patients. It facilitates quick analysis of the issues at hand when a language barrier exists.

Personnel Management

ESO Personnel Management (PM) completely integrates with ESO ePCR to help you manage your agency’s personnel, training courses and education history from one easy-to-use application.

ESO’s ePCR is far better than any software we’ve used in the past. It streamlines our data much better than our previous vendor.

Myron Waddell
Surry County EMS
The best feature about ESO is the people we work with. The relationship we have ESO is outstanding. They’ve been very receptive to our ideas and input and built them into future products. That relationship is something we value very highly.

Darby Weston
Ada County EMS
ESO is the only ePCR system that worked from patient bedside to billing. ESO ePCR has given us better quality of data and better time management.

Robert Ballard, Captain
Wylie Fire Department
ESO Solutions is the best choice for a new ePCR system. It’s easy to set up and use and has greatly improved the quality of the data we submit to the state.

Ken Kelley
ProMed & Emergency Medical Management Services