Health Data Exchange

This changes everything. ESO Health Data Exchange bridges the data gap between EMS and the hospital, with bidirectional data sharing to support operational and quality process needs. All secure, all auditable, and all in real time. True data interoperability is here.

Proven Track Record

Thanks to HDE, useful data exchange between EMS and hospitals is occurring on a widespread basis.

  • Successfully bridging the interoperability gap. ESO HDE connects EMS and hospitals in multiple sites using a variety of EMS and hospital data sources — the only platform to do so.
  • Fulfilling primary use cases for both EMS and hospitals. EMS can share the run sheet, and hospitals can pull the runsheet into the hospital-based EHR. Hospitals can automatically and securely share clinical outcome data with EMS. 
  • Improving outcomes. Together, the stakeholders can do comparative analysis of hospital and EMS data to improve patient outcomes.

Actionable Data

HDE allows quality managers to bring together EMS and hospital performance data for the first time. That means making it easier than ever to do system quality improvement – and study the entire care continuum. 

Awards & Certifications

“As simple as it sounds, one of the biggest benefits that HDE offers is access to the EMS chart. In the past, they never seemed to make it into the medical record. ” JOHN WILMAS, MD, FACEP, MEDICAL DIRECTOR MERCY HOSPITAL ST. LOUIS, MO

Bidirectional and Agnostic

HDE provides true bidirectional data sharing – the EMS record flows directly into the hospital EHR, and hospital clinical outcome information is available to EMS in real time. Data can be shared from or with any EHR or major hospital EMR system in an agnostic "connect once, connect to all" model. 

Improved Reimbursement Processes

Use HDE with ESO Payer Insights and get easy access to hospital-gathered insurance — your billing staff can import hospital demographic data directly into ESO Billing.

  • Reduce manual processes
  • Shorten processing time
  • Increase collections

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