Trauma Survivors Offer Gratitude to First Responders

posted on Apr 23, 2018 in EMS

When you’ve been working a 9- or 12-hour shift – or maybe more – your day or night is a blur of calls ranging from the simple to the traumatic,…

ESO-FIREHOUSE Townhall On-Demand Webinar

posted on Apr 20, 2018 in Fire

View our on-demand townhall webinar for ESO-FIREHOUSE where our team of experts answer your questions and put to rest several of the rumors you have been hearing about ESO-FIREHOUSE. Things…

Come see us at FDIC International 2018

posted on Apr 20, 2018 in Fire

We are so excited to be participating in FDIC International 2018, and we are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces as well as getting to meet new ones throughout…

ESO-Firehouse: Thanks for the feedback & helping us improve

posted on Apr 16, 2018 in Fire

Wow, the last several months since the ESO acquisition of FIREHOUSE® Software (FH) have been an absolute whirlwind. We’ve made considerable progress, had some surprises and missteps, enjoyed great support…

Five Pre-plans Strategies to Improve Provider Safety

posted on Apr 05, 2018 in Fire

A strong pre-plan system within a fire department isn’t just a “nice to have;” it can effectively improve firefighter safety, reduce property loss and save lives. But often it is…

7 Features Needed from Pre-Planning and Inspections Software

posted on Apr 02, 2018 in Fire

Property pre-planning and inspection software plays an essential role in fire departments of all sizes, but many departments’ current solutions leave a lot to be desired. These seven key features…

How Fire Inspections Software Makes Paper Obsolete

posted on Mar 06, 2018 in Fire

From one fire agency to the next, you can bet your next paycheck that each has their own way of conducting inspections. There’s also no doubt that inspectors are focused…

On Demand Webinar: ESO Properties & Inspections

posted on Mar 01, 2018 in Fire

View our on-demand webinar featuring ESO Properties and Inspections. Webinar highlights include: Easy-to-use modules work which seamlessly within the ESO Fire product suite New features and functionalities that come with ESO Properties…

Live Webinar featuring ESO Properties & Inspections

posted on Feb 21, 2018 in Fire

Date: Thursday, March 1 Time: 1 p.m. CST ESO Properties & Inspections has arrived! The latest modules built for the fire market, ESO Properties and Inspections will help you keep track of the…

Save Time and Money with Properties & Inspections

posted on Feb 21, 2018 in Fire

Property pre-planning and inspections software allows fire departments to better serve their communities by streamlining the pre-planning and inspection process and improving situational awareness during an emergency through access to…

It’s Not Officially Research, but it’s Darned Interesting

posted on Feb 02, 2018 in Billing

Maybe it was the session title, but one of the most well-attended presentations at Wave 2018 was called “S**T we learned from the data.” Dr. Jeff Jarvis, EMS medical director…

Let’s talk: ESO and Attendees Connect; Day 1

posted on Feb 02, 2018 in Billing

The first full day of ESO’s 2018 WAVE conference closed with a special discussion between attendees and key ESO executives: CEO Chris Dilie and newly named ESO Chief Medical Officer…

ESO Welcomes New Chief Medical Officer

posted on Feb 01, 2018 in Billing

We are excited to announce that Dr. Brent Myers has joined ESO as our Chief Medical Officer.  He brings almost two decades of leadership experience as a medical practitioner, both…

What Will Be the Trends Impacting Fire Departments in 2018?

posted on Jan 03, 2018 in Fire

If we peer into the crystal ball, what will we see in 2018? For fire departments, we see data playing an important role in providing smarter response plans, as well…

Fire Department Predictions

posted on Jan 02, 2018 in Fire

Download Fire Department Predictions for 2018 to learn how accreditation can impact your funding streams for your fire department, the role of data in effective budgeting, and more.

Best of 2017: Most Popular Resources

posted on Dec 22, 2017 in Billing

 Looking forward to 2018? Make sure you don’t miss out on the best and most useful information of 2017. Start the new year right with our 4 must-see resources from the past year. No countdown required.  Check ‘em out…

7 Secrets of Smart ePCR Buyers

posted on Sep 12, 2017 in EMS

Choosing the right ePCR or EMS electronic health record (EHR) for your service can be daunting. This free downloadable ePCR Buying Guide helps you master the process.

ESO is Onsite at the 2017 Solar Eclipse

posted on Aug 21, 2017 in Billing

Four ESO employees are onsite in St. Joseph, Missouri, volunteering with local ESO customers as they prepare for the 2017 Solar Eclipse and the potential influx for local emergency services. Follow us here to see updates from our team in the field as they observe and assist in the day’s preparations and activities.

Protecting You Against Ransomware

posted on Jun 02, 2017 in EMS

At ESO, we’re committed to keeping your data secure. And with all the recent news headlines about the spread of ransomware and other forms of cyberattack targeting healthcare computer systems, it’s natural to be concerned.

Outcome Measures Case Study

posted on Nov 14, 2016 in Fire

Outcome measures are an important part of EMS Compass, and NEMSIS version 3 has the capability to make these measures readily available to every agency, large and small. We talked to Jeffrey L. Jarvis, MD, MS, EMT-P, to see how some agencies are using outcome measures.

Fire and Hospital Collaboration to Share Data

posted on Nov 14, 2016 in Fire

The Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department in Atascocita, Texas, collaborates closely with Kingwood Medical Center to share healthcare data to improve the quality of both prehospital and hospital care. Their efforts demonstrate how patients can benefit when members of the healthcare continuum partner to use technology and information to drive improvement efforts.

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