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Five Pre-plans Strategies to Improve Provider Safety

Posted on April 5, 2018

A strong pre-plan system within a fire department isn’t just a “nice to have;” it can effectively improve firefighter safety, reduce property loss and save lives. But often it is overlooked as mere paperwork, putting providers and the community at greater than needed risk.

Building a strong system is time, and energy, well spent. To help your fire department hit the ground running with first-rate pre-plans, consider these five strategies:

  1. Plan for your pre-plan.
  2. Keep track of property history and changes.
  3. Understand your occupants.
  4. Document pre-plans visually.
  5. Share and distribute pre-plans.

For more information on how to practically implement these at your fire department, download “Five Pre-plans Strategies to Improve Provider Safety” today.

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